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Taking Measurements

Taking Measurements

Taking correct measurements is critical to your online success in purchasing clothing, as well as leaving great clothing reviews. At Kalon we like to take a few more measurements than others – so we can really get to know what our customers sizing really is. Below outlines some of the best measurements to have on hand when leaving product reviews or when purchasing products. (Psst you can now add your measurements into your user account and then you can opt in to leaving them on your review to help other customers).

Upper Bust (Over Bust): This measurement is take around the upper part of your bust. The tape measure will sit right under your under arms. Ensure that the tape measure is parallel to the floor when taking your measurements (Pro Tip: Have a friend help you take your measurements for best accuracy & retake your measurements every year or when you’ve gained/lost 4+ pounds).

Bust: This is the measurement that goes around the fullest part of your bust. Again taking it around your body, under your arms, across the nipples (or where your bust is fullest), parallel to the floor.

Under Bust: This is basically at the lower band of your bra and will be taken right underneath the cups of your bra/bralette. Again this measurement should be taken parallel to the floor.

Waist: This is generally at your narrowest point between your rib cage and upper hip. If you bend over you will naturally create a crease at your waist – use this as your guide to taking this measurement.

High Hip (aka the Muffin Top): You know where this measurement is. That upper hip area that loves to hang out of the low rise jeans. So why do we suggest taking the measurement there? Higher cut underwear will often hit here – so it’s a good measurement for panty shopping. Additionally it can help to determine your body shape if you’re using a body shape calculator (more on that later!).

Hip: Take this at the fullest part of your hips. Around your bum, parallel to the floor. This could be a bit of a distance from your high hip. Just keep measuring around your booty area until you find the largest measurement, go with that. This measurement is often used in our product descriptions for the max stretch around the hips. (Meaning if your hips are over the measurement we give it will be tight/uncomfortable).

Inseam: This is the length from your upper leg (taken on the inside) down to the floor. The person getting measured should stand hip width apart and hold the end of the soft ruler up to their panty-to-leg crease. The friend who’s helping you out should should take the measurement as it hits the floor. (Pro-Tip: this measurement is the hardest to do on your own – you’ll definitely want a buddy for this).

Other Tips: 

  • Around the body measurements (most of the ones above besides the inseam) are take around the body parallel to the floor. Take a look in the mirror or grab a friend to help you with this.
  • Use a soft ruler. If you don’t have one – you can google for one and download a paper version you can tape together – that should do the trick!
  • Be relaxed when you take measurements. Let a breath out.
  • Don’t suck in!
  • Stand hip to shoulder width apart
  • Update/Re-Take measurements every year or when you gain/lose 4+ pounds.

Our Best Bralette, Ever.

If you’re looking for a more demi cut (low cut) version of our Kalon bras, then look no further! Coming out in August we have our demi cut Kalon comfort bras (or bralettes). Removable pads, just like our Original Bra. Adjustable straps. And a hook & eye closure in the back. Which means more comfort and more options. It has quickly become the new favorite in the office. We hope you’ll love them as much as our team does =)

Kalon Demi Bra
Close Up Shot of the New Kalon Demi Bra
Hook and Eye Back Closure
Hook and Eye Back Closure
Kalon Demi Bra Adjustable Straps
Kalon Demi Bra Adjustable Straps
Model Shot Kalon Demi Bra and Thong
Model Shot Kalon Demi Bra and Thong

New Undies Are Here!

Kalon “Original” Bra and New Boyshort Hipster Panties

Now you can pair your favorite Kalon Clothing bras with matching undies! We just received our latest women’s boyshorts, thongs, and bikini brief style panties. Where they as everyday undies or wear them for your workout / gym set. Made out of the same great nylon/spandex fabrics as your favorite bras!

Tri Blend Kalon Bra and Matching Thong Panty
Tri Blend Kalon Bra and Matching Thong Panty